Korean Twitch streamer shares priceless reaction to gruesome DOOM Eternal trailer

HAchubby Twitch / id Software

Korean streamer ‘HAchubby’ is known for her bubbly demeanor and wholesome channel, so she definitely wasn’t ready for the horrifying bloodshed in the latest DOOM Eternal trailer.

DOOM Eternal promises to bring some of the most bloodiest and epically violent action the franchise has ever seen. While gore-fans can’t wait to get their hands on the game, the upcoming id Software title might not be a game for those faint of heart.

While HAchubby is no stranger to her Twitch Chat’s antics, they definitely caught her off-guard when she was going through the hot new trailers that have been coming out of E3 2019.

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(WARNING: The clip included is loud, and the article contains gore-filled images.)

HAchubby TwitchHAchubby did not see the intense violence coming when clicking a viewer’s link.

During her June 10 stream, HAchubby was linked to a “boom-boom” game, since it seems a fan might have thought she would be interested in the action-packed gorefest that will be DOOM Eternal.

“Do you like ‘boom-boom’ games?” HAchubby read before clicking on the trailer. “This is a ‘boom-boom’ game: DOOM Etern–”

The opening scene to the trailer interrupted HAchubby, who responded with a screeching yell at the sight of the Doomslayer chainsawing a demon-spawn in half to kick off the latest peek into the game.

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People in her chat definitely weren’t prepared for her hilarious reaction, as the deafening scream might have startled them more than the images from id Software’s upcoming game.

HAchubby had to take a moment to recollect herself after being startled like that, and later hinted that from what she saw from the trailer, she might not be into a game like DOOM Eternal.

HAChubby’s Twitch channel is on the rise

During one of her IRL streams, HAchubby had the perfect reaction for being “stream sniped” while in the streets of Korea. On the broadcasting platform, big channels like GiantWaffle even had some great sentiments about the emerging Korean streamer.

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“Did HAchubby just host me,” GiantWaffle said. “Did she just host me? She’s like my favorite streamer right now, are you kidding me? Literally one of the best streamers on Twitch.”

While her viewers might not see her playing DOOM Eternal on day one, her stream has been chalk full of content that has been getting her noticed among fans and fellow big time Twitch personalities.