Korean Twitch streamer banned after Fortnite pro Ronaldo calls out her content

Calum Patterson
NRG Ronaldo and Aingchuu
Twitch: StableRonaldo / Aingchuu

Korean streamer Aingchuu has been suspended from the Twitch platform, a matter of days after popular Fortnite pro and NRG member Ronaldo highlighted her content on social media.

There has been increased scrutiny on the type of content permitted on Twitch in 2021, particularly due to the rise of ‘hot tub’ streams.

This has reignited the debate around what is appropriate for the livestreaming platform, which was originally focused on gaming, but the most popular category now is ‘Just Chatting’.

Twitch lays out fairly specific rules for sexual content, but says it always takes context into consideration. In this case, Aingchuu’s channel has faced a suspension for an unknown period of time, as her streams exclusively focused on her bust. Her face was never revealed during streams.

On May 12, NRG’s Ronaldo posted a clip from his stream where he brought up Aingchuu’s stream, asking “how is this allowed?”

Twitch’s community guidelines state: “Content or camera focus on breasts, buttocks, or pelvic region, including poses that deliberately highlight these elements” is not permitted on the platform.

However, it’s not confirmed what the exact cause of Aingchuu’s ban was. It’s also possible that it was due to the alleged use of viewbots. On Twitter, Aingchuu denied using viewbots, saying: “I never use viewbots and there is no reason to even use them. The reason why my viewership surged was because I started webcam live in November of last year, and it was attracting attention to the extent that it appeared as a news article”

This alleged viewbot use was apparently the reason that Aingchuu was denied her partner application.

As of May 18, Aingchuu’s channel is no longer available on the platform.

The streamer has reached out to Twitch Support publicly, claiming that her messages “are treated as spam and are marked as resolved immediately upon delivery.”

Twitch does not comment on community guidelines violations to respect the privacy of users.