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Korean streamer saved from awkward stream snipe encounter at TwitchCon

Published: 29/Sep/2019 20:47 Updated: 29/Sep/2019 21:31

by Brent Koepp


IRL Korean streamer Yunicorn19 was broadcasting live at TwitchCon 2019 when two men surrounded her. Popular Twitch personality ‘JakenbakeLIVE’ stepped in to save her.

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TwitchCon 2019 is wrapping up its final day, as it ran from September 27-29 in San Diego, California. The convention sees streamers from all around the world coming together to celebrate their platform.

However, many attendees go to the after-parties once the day is over, and when Korean streamer Yunicorn19 was broadcasting around the city, she had her stream sniped by two men, but was saved from the uncomfortable situation by a popular Twitch personality.


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Uncomfortable stream snipe

While walking around San Diego city, the Korean streamer was suddenly approached by two men who crowded her. One of the men was trying to create a Twitch account so he could promote it on her stream.

However, Yunicorn19 seemed increasingly uncomfortable as the encounter went on for a lengthy amount of time, and her chat began to tell her to leave. 

While she was trying to find the right time to exit, the streamer was asked if she wanted to get a drink. “Maybe I should just call an Uber driver…” she sighed.

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As her chat seemed to become more concerned, popular Twitch personality ‘Jakenbake’ was with another group and went to talk to the Korean streamer when he noticed the chat was telling him to save her. 

“Save Yuni? What’s wrong? Do you need white knights right now? Do you have white knights?” he said, which is a term used for men swooping in to save a woman in distress.

One of the men continued to crowd the shot when his friend asked what a “white knight” was. After Jake explained it to him, the man circled behind them and gave a nasty look directly into the camera, clearly angry that the popular Twitch streamer stepped in between them.


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It happened again on the same night

Earlier in the evening, the IRL streamer was surrounded by two other men on each side, and they even began touching her camera. As the encounter went on, things got increasingly uncomfortable when one of the men said “you got a nice ass.”

A fan watching the broadcast rushed up to the Korean after seeing the behavior of the men, and quickly put himself between her and the two strangers, which made them dash off immediately. 

“I saw them, so I was like I got to get you out of here!” the viewer said. Yunicorn thanked him and was clearly moved by his kind act.


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While TwitchCon is an incredible celebration for streamers, these clips show the unsavory interactions that female streamers sometimes find themselves in. It was made all the more scary by the fact that Yunicorn19 was visiting from another country.