Korean streamer roasts viewer for commenting on her bra

by Michael Gwilliam


Korean Twitch streamer Jinny had to put a viewer in his or her place after making an insulting comment about her bra during an October 4 cooking stream. 


Early on into the stream, viewers were already making some bizarre comments after Jinny introduced her cats Simba and Kiki. 

“We are cooking the cats?” Jinny read from her chat. “No!” 


The odd viewer comments didn’t stop there, however, as shortly thereafter a viewer insulted the streamer’s bra and suggested she used padding.

“Your bra has much padding like a life jacket - is it uncomfortable?” Twitch user Flybynite98 wrote.


Not wanting to take the insult lying down, the Korean streamer quipped right back with an amazing comeback of her own. 

“Not as much as your d**k is padded,” she replied. “And I don’t have padding by the way. F**k you.”

Jinny’s language shocked her stream but dismissed any concerns that she may have unfairly targeted the viewer. “What? He was being rude first,” she commented and went about with the rest of her cooking broadcast. 


Who is Jinny? 

According to the unofficial stat-tracking website Twitch Metrics, Jinny joined the platform in 2017 and is the 10th most-watched English “Just Chatting” channel and the 18th most-watched “Just Chatting” channel overall. In her time on Twitch she has amassed nearly 175,000 followers. 

Her channel info reads, “I like streaming outside, experiencing things but I also play games and make some interesting content”. 


During a stream back in September, Jinny boldly proclaimed she was nearly 40-years-old, not Korean and she was a self-proclaimed “MILF” with two children. This may have been a massive troll, however, as on her channel she states “I am Korean”. 

In any case, Jinny’s Twitch stream is proving to be one of the more entertaining “Just Chatting” channels and her interactions with chat for better or for worse are resulting in some growth.