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Korean streamer Jinny confronted by angry homeless man in San Francisco

Published: 10/Mar/2020 1:05

by Brad Norton


Popular Korean Twitch streamer Jinny was caught off guard while visiting San Francisco as a frustrated homeless man confronted her during a recent broadcast.

Big Twitch streamers often share their traveling adventures with viewers around the world as they IRL broadcast while on holiday. Visiting San Francisco, Korean streamer Jinny and her companion for the day ‘yugwha0901,’ decided to visit a local pier and take in the city.

Early into their trip, however, the pair was caught off guard and left stunned by an angry passerby in the street as he stopped them in their tracks and confronted them mid-stream.


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Shortly after taking in the sights at sounds at Pier 39, a popular tourist attraction in San Francisco, the streamers headed off and continued about their day wandering the streets.

Before they could get too far though, Jinny and yugwha were bluntly interrupted by an angered homeless man that walked right in between them, cut them off, and then shifted the blame as though the streamers were at fault.

“Can you watch where the f*** you’re going bi***,” he said angrily, before turning around to face them.

“See me walking here?” Why did you walk right in front of me? Are you stupid? Are you f***ing stupid?” he continued, steadily raising his voice and approaching the pair as they captured everything through their mobile streaming setups.


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Completely caught off guard by the interaction, Jinny’s draw dropped before turning into a smile and laughing off the odd encounter. 

“He’s following us” they both explained before picking up the pace and running away from the clearly agitated stranger. “Just run, don’t even react,” yugwha said.

Despite the alarming confrontation, they managed to evade the aggressive individual and continue about their day in peace. Taking in the rest of Pier 39 and shortly enjoying a hearty bread bowl together, the duo didn’t let the homeless man ruin their day in the slightest.

Twitch: yugwha0901
The streaming duo continued on with their day not at all phased by the encounter.

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Jinny and yugwha are far from the only Twitch personalities to ever be confronted by angry strangers on the street, with many other streamers also having to deal with awkward confrontations while live-streaming their days.

From frustrated bystanders that refuse to be filmed, to others more concerned by cigarette smoke, there’s seemingly never any shortage of awkward interactions in recent IRL streams.