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Korean streamer HAchubby enlists NYPD for bizarre request

Published: 5/Oct/2019 18:15 Updated: 5/Oct/2019 18:31

by Brent Koepp


Popular Korean Twitch streamer HAchubby was on her trip to America following TwitchCon 2019 when her run in with the New York Police Department led to a hilariously bizarre moment.

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TwitchCon 2019 wrapped up on September 29, as the convention saw all the top streamers from around the world arriving in San Diego, California to celebrate their medium. HAchubby went to the event after getting donations from her audience, which caused her to cry from happiness.

However, the Korean streamer took the opportunity to turn her visit into a full trip and travel around the United States. During her October 4 broadcast in New York City, her run in with the NYPD became hilarious when they aided her in a bizarre request.


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NYPD shows HAchubby how to catch a taxi

The popular Korean streamer was with her friend and fellow Twitch personality yugwha0901 who told police officers on patrol that the pair were unsure of how to use the city’s taxi service. “We don’t know how to catch a taxi!” she declared, to which one of the officers replied “Let me show you how to catch a taxi!”

The police then went out to the road and stated “Put your arms out!” while sticking their arms into the traffic. This caused the two Korean streamers to burst out laughing, before HAchubby’s friend imitated the on-duty cop and reached out into the street screaming “Taxi!”


“Yeah! That’s how you do it!” the officer approved, before noticing the camera and asking if people were watching their interaction. ““People from all around the world are watching!” the Koreans explained.

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After learning from the NYPD cops how to catch a ride with the New York taxi service, they then stepped out with the Korean streamers on the side of the street and encouraged HAchubby to wave her arms and yell.

“Taxi!” she yelled as she waved her arms up and down. Eventually, a taxi cab stopped, proving that the method works. “Oh, thank you! Perfect!” the Twitch star exclaimed, as she gave the helping policeman a thumbs up.


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The two hopped into the back of the cab, and burst into laughter at the whole experience. “Oh this is real! Oh my god what happened!” HAchubby exclaimed in happiness.

The Twitch star is still sightseeing in the United States at the time of this article as she closes out her first trip to America. With all her weird and wonderful interactions, is sure to be a unique experience she will never forget.

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As of the time of this article, HAchubby has 111k followers on Twitch, and her channel shows no signs of slowing down.


Her friend yugwha0901 has 31k followers and rising.