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Entertainment • Jun 28, 2019

Korean couple banned for having sex during Twitch stream

Korean couple banned for having sex during Twitch stream

A Korean couple have been banned from Twitch after using the popular streaming service to broadcast their live sex session.


Twitch has been host to a whole horde of NSFW content in its time: from illegal drug use, to creative ways to show off cleavage - we've seen it all.

A Korean couple took the meaning of NSFW to another level though, after they livestreamed themselves embroiled in an all-out sex romp with each other on June 28.

Twitch has seen its fair share of NSFW content over the years.


It can't be that bad... right?

The offending video in question is very pornographic, so we won't post it here. Instead, willing participants can view the EXTREMELY NSFW clip here.

In the clip, the Korean duo are on a bed in what is assumingly a hotel room while they perform their deeds. It is unclear whether the couple were indeed broadcasting their sexual intercourse session live, or if it was simply a troll livestreaming a porn video.

Either way, the account in question was swiftly banned permanently from Twitch in record time as it was a clear breach of the platform's Community Guidelines - something the service doesn't take lightheartedly.

The account violated Twitch's Community Guidelines, resulting in a permanent ban.


Someone turned porn streaming into a game

A Twitch streamer turned livestreaming porn into a game to see how long they could show the inappropriate content without getting banned by the platform.

User ‘forsaaaanpepegaa’ managed to broadcast the NSFW material for a only few minutes before the streaming service caught wind and swung the ban hammer - perhaps only because Rod 'Slasher' Breslau brought attention to it on Twitter.

The user in question had pulled the stunt multiple times, and kept a counter at the bottom of their stream that showed how many overall bans they’d received and how many viewers they’d had. Twitch finally banned his channel for good after his antics gained mass attention online.

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