Knut responds to transphobic allegations surrounding Twitch ban

by Virginia Glaze


Norwegian streamer Knut Spildrejorde is a popular face on Twitch, known for his humorous IRL broadcasts and bodybuilding career. His ban from the site on October 8 incited a slew of criticism against the content creator, which he has now addressed.

Knut’s ban followed a livestream that many considered problematic, with critics accusing the streamer of using two transgender women as the butt of a joke and making transphobic comments.

“I identify as 25, but my biology says 33,” Knut said during the offending stream. “So if you are mis-aging me, I’ll get you banned. ...I feel 25. It’s just a social construction, being a certain age. Because math is socially constructed.”

Knut has since spoken out in response to the outrage, posting a statement on Twitlonger on October 11 apologizing for the scandal.

The streamer explained that he’d gone looking for someone to join in on a poker game with his team and ran into the transgender women seen in his broadcast, offering to include them in the festivities and paying them each $20 for their time, as requested.

While he believed that “no harm at all was done unto any party involved,” he apologized for negative comments in his chat, explaining that there’d been no moderators online at the time to police problematic language.

“My intention that evening was to have a good time on stream and to create some good social content,” he wrote. “It was most certainly not to exploit or single out these women for their profession, nor for their gender.”


Knut likewise claimed that he is making a concentrated effort to expand his moderators in wake of his suspension, bringing on a trans person as a means to add diversity to the team.

The streamer has received a thirty-day ban following the problematic broadcast, and while he didn’t state the exact reason for his suspension, many critics are pinning the blame on his divisive comments on gender identity - something for which streamer “Greekgodx” similarly received a suspension in early September.