Knut responds to xQc’s claims over Texas Twitch streaming community

Knut streaming on TwitchTwitch: Knut

Popular streamer Knut has disputed claims first raised by Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel that there is a “hostile” culture in the Austin-based streaming community.

Austin, Texas is home to some of Twitch’s most popular stars including Mizkif, Sodapoppin, and Alinity. So much so, that it has become a streaming community of all its own, some even sharing the same home.

Twitch mega star xQc ignited drama after claiming that he while he lived there with the others, he found the community to be “hostile” and full of “mega drama.”

However, during his trip to the state, Knut quashed any such statement describing his experience as nothing less than enjoyable.

Knut shares his take on Texas streaming community

During his visit to Austin, Knut reflected on his experiences among the streaming community in the area, particularly his fellow Twitch streamer Mizkif.

On July 24, Knut claimed: “I have to say this boys. This is a message. After we saw all that bulls**t drama with the Texas streamers and ‘not being nice to people.’

Do you know what […] for me coming here, Norwegian, I’m a little bit out of their circle so I guess the same would apply to me. Everyone has been nothing but respectful and nice.”

It comes as the streamer is currently visiting his Mizkif and his friends down in Austin. While Miz has been introducing him to some of his fellow Texas streaming community members, Knut has been giving him some intense workout training tips.

Knut added that Mizkif helped him and his family feel very welcome during their trip by arranging incredible accommodation for them.

Knut simply stated that any such claims of ‘hostility’ were “weird.” He concluded that, if it was the case, it could have been as a response to equally unfriendly behavior.