Knut is loving new-found Twitch fame thanks to OTK “Camp Knut” streams

Camp Knut with Mizkif and moreTwitch: Knut

Knut is one of Twitch’s biggest fitness streamers, pumping iron to his dedicated fanbase and promoting healthy living. However his channel has blown up thanks to “Camp Knut” collabs with Mizkif plus other big Twitch stars, and he’s thankful for the new-found fame.

Knut has streamed on Twitch for years with the bodybuilder bringing his love of fitness and health to his audience ⁠— along with a healthy dose of games like Counter-Strike.

However, while he’s averaged in the hundreds of viewers for most of his Twitch life dating back to 2015, he’s exploded in the last week thanks to “Camp Knut”. He has been leading a fitness program with a number of Twitch stars, including Mizkif and the rest of OTK, and the shared audience has been loving the bodybuilder’s vibes.

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He has shot up from an average of around 650 viewers to more than 20,000 in a week, peaking at more than 45,000 viewers. The immense growth means a lot to the long-time streamer ⁠— even if it might only be fleeting.

“You know what? It’s hard to put it into words,” he said on a July 27 stream. “I don’t expect it to be 27,000 people watching me when I’m home. I don’t have any expectations of that. It’s a big thing right now, but it feels fucking good.

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“It’s me, Mizkif, and of course the other boys ⁠— it’s nice to see that it is appreciated, the content we’re putting out.”

The reason why it’s appreciated so much is because of how positive it is. Twitch, in Knut’s eyes, is full of “drama and bullsh*t”.

Getting to share some good vibes for a good purpose, lifting friends and strangers alike up, is why he goes live every day.

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“I know Mizkif, he has told me behind the scenes, that this is special for him because he wishes to put out positive content. Let’s be real, it’s not positive content on Twitch ⁠— it’s drama, it’s bullshit. When we’re doing this, I feel like this is 100% positive content and that feels good.

“This is something we have done for years. I have been lifting weights for 21-plus years, and now I can do what I’ve loved doing for years and it provides something positive for you too. That combination feels fucking amazing.”

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On top of the tens of thousands of viewers, Knut has received plenty of positive reinforcement on social media. 

“I got hundreds and hundreds of DMs. My YouTube channel, the last two videos have been blowing up. I have a small channel and haven’t been putting out too much content, but I’ve been reading comments there and it’s just positive comments.”

‘WakeWilder’, who is leading Camp Knut alongside him, mentioned as much on his own Twitter.

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“All I’ve ever wanted from streaming is to put the very best of myself towards helping others discover the very best of themselves,” he said. “I feel charmed today in a way that no one could ever deserve. I’ll do my best to give back to you everything you’ve given to me.”

The viewers might not stay forever, but the positive impact of Camp Knut on the streamers’ health ⁠— as well as the audience’s hearts ⁠— won’t be forgotten any time soon.

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