Why was Knut banned from Twitch?

by Virginia Glaze


Popular Twitch streamer and bodybuilder 'Knut' was banned from Twitch on October 8. Here's everything we know.

Norwegian Twitch streamer Knut Spildrejorde is a popular face on the platform, known for his humorous IRL broadcasts, and hilarious interactions with other streamers.

However, he was suddenly banned from Twitch on October 8, prompting many questions surrounding his suspension.

Knut is a popular face in Twitch's IRL community, known for his humorous broadcasts and bodybuilding career.



Why was he banned?

While no official confirmation has been giving at this time of writing, some are speculating that it could be because of a situation on October 5, which saw the bodybuilder enter a private room with the likes of streaming star Andy Milonakis and others, who were involved in a game of poker.

With Knut were two transgender sex workers, who he announced by shouting, “Andy, I have some girls for you!” – a moment that some are considering a cruel joke toward their identity.

Another clip from Knut’s broadcast shows the streamer appearing to make some comments that upset some users regarding age and social constructs.

“...I don’t look over 40,” Knut argued. “I identify as 25, but my biology says 33. So if you are mis-aging me, I’ll get you banned. ...I feel 25. It’s just a social construction being a certain age. Because math is socially constructed.”

While Knut has yet to clarify the direct reason for his ban, users across sites like Reddit claim that it could be because of his actions during the October 5 broadcast, and took to the internet to air their thoughts.

"Thought he would be smarter than to be so blatantly transphobic," one Reddit user stated. "and not expect a few people in his stream to be in that demographic and get offended."

"I only knew him from clips and thought he was a nice dude," someone else said upon viewing a clip from the stream. "But that sounds disgusting."


Others were quick to defend the bodybuilder, claiming that his actions didn't warrant a suspension if they're indeed what he was banned for.

"Why would this get someone banned, it's just some bros playing poker," one user commented. "Paid actors, literally," another said.


The current length of Knut’s ban is unknown at the time of writing, with fans awaiting further information. Dexerto has reached out to him for comment.