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Kitten sabotages owner’s game in hilarious viral TikTok

Published: 15/Feb/2021 12:54

by Alice Hearing


Any cat owner knows that while kittens can be tiny, fluffy, and adorable, they can also cause unimaginable havoc. One TikToker caught the cutest possible kitten-caused accident and it’s going viral.

TikToker Meywhoo was filming her kitten Pepper on Snapchat dressed in a tiny little kitten onesie, but it kept falling over and running about manically.

In the midst of the kitten’s antics, Pepper launched herself straight onto the Xbox button immediately switching off a game her husband was in the middle of, and he wasn’t happy. Her husband could be heard screaming “noooo” off-camera while his wife giggled and the kitten looked around wondering what had just happened.


But of course, the only thing he could do to help his anger was to point his middle finger, shout “F*** you” and “Why?” at the poor unassuming Pepper who had no idea what she had done.

@meywhooStraight for the button 😂 #xbox #husbandcheck #catsoftiktok #fyp♬ original sound – user5174507150922

Viewers were in complete awe at how cute the tiny kitten was, with one user writing “That is adorable. I would end up kissing her all over,” to which Meywhoo replied “he did” with a video of her husband doting over Pepper. Another person wrote “The most adorable accident,” while one wittily responded “Cat said PS4 only.”

Sadly, Meywhoo confirmed in a more recent video that Pepper has passed away at almost two-years-old and that the viral video was from around two months after they first got the kitten. Meywhoo said that Pepper was given surgery because she had a hole in her intestines that they didn’t know about previously, but unfortunately, it wasn’t enough.



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Meywhoo also added that she originally began posting videos of her kitten as part of a campaign for her GoFundMe to raise money for Pepper’s surgery, and now some of that money will also go towards her cremation.

Despite the very sad news, Pepper’s memory is living on through more videos her owner is uploading and she is getting love from viewers all around the world.