Kitboga’s antics makes gift card scammer absolutely erupt in rage

Kitboga Twitch / Andrea Piacquadio Pexels

Twitch’s most celebrated anti-scammer ‘Kitboga’ is perfecting his craft everyday, which made itself evident by causing the other person on the line to completely lose their mind over the streamer’s ruse.

For those unfamiliar, Kitboga uses his streams as a public service announcement of sorts against scam call centers. By calling sketchy ‘IT service centers,’ he engages in epic confrontations with representatives that can sometimes turn out hilarious, frustrating, and, sometimes, deeply emotional.

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The streamer has said many times that he keeps up these skits against scammers to essentially waste their time and prevent them from preying on other vulnerable people. His reasons are numerous, but the end result is usually the same – with people screaming their heads off at him.

This time, however, the scammer wasn’t prepared for Kitboga’s ‘Granny Edna’ persona, who is essentially the worst version of the people these scammers tend to target.

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After spending over nine hours with ‘Steve’ over two days and multiple hangups, they had finally gotten to a point where the scammer thought his payday was forthcoming.

That is, until Boga started to ‘cash in’ the fake gift cards after Steve started using increasingly aggressive words against old lady Edna. “I haven’t had a scammer this angry in a while,” Kitboga said, after three of five redeemed cards had irreversibly set off the person on the other line.

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Unfortunately, the scammer kept seeing funds from his promised $500 gift cards going to waste as Edna kept redeeming what apparently belonged to him.

During the heated words, the streamer had actually turned off the scammer’s access to Kit’s computer mouse. This gave the scammer absolutely no control over the situation, only escalating the encounter.

Approaching the tenth hour of the transaction, ‘Steve’ couldn’t take Edna’s incessant need to interrupt and insistence that the money was already given away to the scammer.

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As someone who has multiple safeguards against these people, Kitboga was loving the scammer’s attempts to steal everything in the ‘bank account’ as Steve was trying to get a semblance of control in the conversation.

To Boga’s recollection, this is the most animated reaction from a scammer he’s ever been rewarded with before finally giving up on the fake IT support, and it’s an instant classic in the streamer’s deep collection of mischief.

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