Kim Kardashian’s viral chav makeup tutorial sparks response from song creator Millie B

Millie B responds to Kim Kardashian chav makeup tutorialTikTok: kimkardashian / YouTube: Marvellous

Kim Kardashian took TikTok by storm after uploading her “chav” makeup tutorial on TikTok, using the viral song ‘M to the B’ — and the song’s creator, Millie B, has responded.

On January 18, Kim Kardashian uploaded a TikTok that put the entire internet in a chokehold.

The reality TV icon shared her take on a “chav” makeup tutorial, giving herself big, blocky brows, nude lipstick, and overly-baked under eyes.

The clip was set to a song from UK grime artist Millie B — more specifically, her famous diss track ‘M to the B’. It took TikTok by storm in August 2020 after being used in Bella Poarch’s viral video that still ranks as the site’s most-liked post of all time.

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Kim’s TikTok took off almost immediately, and boasts over 27 million views at the time of writing… and it looks like Millie B is here for it.

Millie B “embraces” Kim Kardashian “chav” makeup style

The BBC caught up with Millie B to get her take on the whole situation, and it looks like the iconic grime girl is embracing Kim’s take on the “chav” style, as seen in her ‘M to the B’ music video.

“Sometimes I do take things to heart, but when it comes to that, I sort of embrace it,” Millie said in a statement to BBC Newsbeat. “People are copying the way I look in that video, it’s a flex really.”

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“Regardless of how I looked in that video, all girls have done that in the past. They’ve put heavy contour on, their eyebrows might be a bit wonky and it’s sort of the look.”

For those out of the loop, a “chav” is a pejorative term used to refer to youths who wear fake designer clothes, popular athletic shoes, and excessive amounts of jewelry. For women, the “chav” style can also include makeup similar to what Kim Kardashian wore in her video, big brows and all.

Luckily, it seems that Millie B is cool with Kim’s take on the style. This is just the latest viral moment from the Kardashian-Jenners after Kim’s daughter, North, took TikTok by storm when she used a filter to transform into her dad, rapper Kanye West.

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