Kick unveils new “Path to Verification” for streamers to become verified

Kick Streaming logo on top of computer gaming setupKick/Unsplash: @joshuakettle

Popular live streaming platform Kick has revealed a new “Path to Verification” to become verified on the website.

Since it was revealed back in 2022, Trainwreck’s new streaming platform Kick has become one of the most popular sites among creators.

Some of Twitch’s biggest creators have moved over to it, including Adin Ross and chess star GMHikaru.

Kick has had ways to become monetized and verified as a streamer since launch but revealed new goals to become verified on May 15.

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How do you get verified on Kick?

According to the Kick support website, all verification requests before May 15, 2023, will be handled under the old requirements.

For those after that date, however, here are the streaming requirements to become verified on the platform:

  • Stream 30 hours
  • Stream 12 different days
  • Average at least 75 concurrent viewers
  • Have 300 unique chatters
  • Have at least 20 active subs
Kick path to verification requirementsKick

Kick also lists a series of account security requirements in order for them to verify your account.

  • Confirmed phone number
  • Must have 2FA enabled
  • No username changes
  • Must have at least 3 on-channel VODs
  • No TOS violations

These requirements will be tracked over the last 30 days, presumably over a rolling period similar to Twitch.

Kick may also revoke your verified status

On another page on Kick’s support website, they also revealed several reasons why Kick may revoke a creator’s verified status.

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  • Inorganic streams, which include mirror streams, blank streams, and pre-recorded content
  • 90 days of inactivity could potentially revoke your verification
  • Artificially inflating views
  • Repeated violations of Kick TOS in a 30-day period
  • Your channel must have VOD content

The new goals are definitely more challenging to reach than the platform’s old guidelines, which required 50 average viewers alongside 15 hours of stream time over 7 days.

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