Kick streamers ignore rules & risk bans with movie marathons streams

Kick logo with harry potter on a screenKick/Warner Bros.

Hundreds of Kick streamers are already risking bans on the new platform by streaming movie marathons, including the likes of Harry Potter, Transformers, and more, ignoring Kick’s copyright rules outlined in the community guidelines.

In the past, many streamers on Twitch have faced bans from the platform for violating copyright rules like this, although there are also occasional Watch Party streams that are approved through Amazon Prime.

With the rise of Kick, backed by popular Twitch star Trainwreck and offering a higher revenue split from subs than Twitch does, many have gone over there to bend the rules and film content that typically wouldn’t be allowed, especially as it’s not completely moderated in its infancy.

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For example, one streamer faced a temporary ban from the platform after he filmed himself and a partner during an intimate moment.

Now, a number of users are risking bans by simply livestreaming film marathons, with creators putting up 24-hour livestreams to broadcast each of the Harry Potter films, or like in the screenshot below, Alien vs Predator, for example.

Kick streamer watching Alien vs Predator movie marathonKick: JTSteeflex
Streamers are breaking community guidelines by streaming films and TV shows.

While there are still some questions from creators over what they can and can’t get away with on-stream, this is a clear violation of the Kick community guidelines.

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Said guidelines state that “You must not transmit, publicly perform, publicly display, or reproduce copyrighted material of others unless your actions are authorized by the law or the copyright holders. Copyright infringement on Kick is strictly prohibited.”

A list of potentially violating content is also provided on the Kick website, including, but not limited to:

  • Anything harmful, deceptive, offensive, or illegal.
  • Movies
  • TV shows and/or TV channels
  • Sports matches

Of course, the bigger issue for Kick won’t be moderating this content and trying to weed it out, but making sure the law firms backing some of Hollywood’s biggest studios don’t get there first.

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