Kevin Durant joins TikTok and immediately goes viral

Kevin Durant TikTok

NBA superstar Kevin Durant finally joined TikTok and instantly became a meme with his first post, proving that the ‘easymoneysniper’ just doesn’t miss.

Celebrities, influencers, and athletes the world over have caught on to the short-form video platform that drives internet audiences from one viral moment to the next.

Now TikTok has one of basketball’s best players in the world who made his inaugural post on July 22 that quickly went viral everywhere it was posted for all the best reasons.

The Brooklyn Nets star published a largely silent TikTok that ended with a familiar line for anyone who’s ever tried to acquaint themselves with a new social media platform.

Kevin Durant barely joined TikTok and he’s already going viral.

The future NBA Hall of Famer’s seven-second clip has gone viral from people mememing the player to resonating with the only six words in the video.

“Yo, how I work this sh*t,” he said. The video has already taken off on both TikTok and Twitter with fans putting their personal spins on the convenient soundbite.

From TikToks of people figuring out how to be in their first real relationships to more real instances of figuring out someone’s shower when you’re a guest.

Durant is one of the most recognizable athletes on social media. The NBA phenom regularly interacts with people, from the occasional basketball debate to interactions around more mundane things.

KD isn’t a celebrity afraid of the internet trolls and regularly puts them in their place, making him one of the best follows on different platforms.

TikTok has time and again proven to be the social site where videos can instantly make a mark online, and it seems as if Durant is already leaving his.