Kendall Jenner slammed after staff member holds umbrella for her

Instagram photo of Kendall JennerINSTAGRAM: kendalljenner

Kendall Jenner is facing backlash on TikTok after photos showed a member of her staff holding an umbrella for her.

The model left viewers divided after she was photographed being shielded from the rain by an unidentified male chaperone.

In photos obtained by the Sun, Kendall was seen being escorted to and from her car in the midst of a rainstorm, as a man walked beside her holding an umbrella over her head.

During the outing, the 27-year-old was dressed casually in black leggings, blue hoodie sweatshirt, and Ugg boots. In one photo, she was seen holding her phone in her hand and car keys in the other, as the member of her staff accompanied her.

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In another photo, the man appeared to be soaked as a result of not being under the umbrella’s cover, and was again shielding Kendall with an umbrella despite her having both hands free.

While Kendall may have enjoyed staying dry during the heavy rain, many fans questioned why the reality star couldn’t hold the umbrella herself.

Kendall Jenner faces TikTok backlash

“She’s so out of touch it’s actually ridiculous,” one TikTok user commented under a video regarding the controversial photos.

“Why can’t she just hold it herself,” another one added.

“A decent, kind person would hold their own umbrella so the other person could do the same,” a third wrote.

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“That’s not right. It doesn’t matter who you are, hold your own f**king umbrella,” another said.

Others, however, defended the supermodel on the basis that the man works for her.

“I understand but if she’s paying him good I don’t see a problem,” one user wrote.

“I mean it’s definitely a weird job but as long as he’s being paid fairly for it then I don’t have a problem,” another shared.

At the time of writing, Kendall has not yet addressed the backlash.