Kendall Jenner explains how being a Kardashian is “overwhelming”

Kendall Jenner talking on the Jay Shetty podcastYouTube: Jay Shetty Podcast

Keeping up with the Kardashians star Kendall Jenner has shared that she can sometimes find her family to be “a lot” for her to handle.

Kendall Jenner was thrown into the limelight at just 12 years old thanks to her appearance in her family’s hit reality TV show ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians.’ Not to mention its follow-up series ‘The Kardashians’ which kickstarted in 2022.

Although, as any fan will know, the family has had its fair share of dramatic moments. Many of which have been caught on camera and shared with the world.

It can even get a bit too much for Kendall as the supermodel claimed that even she needs to take time away from her family who can be “overwhelming” even away from the cameras.

Kendall Jenner explains how she handles family life

On September 12, Kendall joined popular podcaster Jay Shetty when she opened up about how she copes with living in the spotlight and how it can sometimes be a lot for her to handle.

However, she’s learned various ways to cope with particularly intense situations which she’s developed from researching meditation throughout the years.

She explained: “It’s okay to sometimes, even if you’re at a family dinner, running to the bathroom like ‘let me just take a couple of breaths because this is just getting overwhelming’ […] I just love to take a second. My feelings are valid. Like, sometimes my family’s a lot which I bet everyone already knows.”

(Topic begins at 33:00 in the video)

However, both she and Shetty agreed that “everyone’s family has a sense of crazy to them” and that such moments can be overwhelming for anyone.

Kendall herself has also had some stressful moments away from the home. For instance, she received heavy backlash after launching her new tequila range 818 for supposedly ‘exploiting Mexican culture.’

Although, thanks to her research and her drive to build her self-esteem, she’s learned how to cope with such situations by taking a step back and prioritizing her needs.