KEEMSTAR's Friday Fortnite Tournament a Success as it Boasts Huge Viewing Figures - TSM Myth, NICKMERCS and More

by Calum Patterson



The inaugural 'Friday Fortnite' tournament organized by YouTuber KEEMSTAR was a massive success, as top streamers pulled in millions of viewers across their channels.

As KEEMSTAR has made clear, this tournament isn't about finding who is the 'best player' necessarily, but is a tournament for 'clout', with just big name streamers and YouTubers invited to play.


And those big names certainly did their part in attracting the viewers, with some of the most popular Fortnite streamers such as TSM's Ali "Myth" Kabbani and NICKMERCS involved.

There were also some players not known for Fortnite specifically, but big names nonetheless, such as vlogger Logan Paul or FIFA YouTubers NepentheZ and Nick28t.


Of course the tournament did not have a single set stream, instead most participants streamed their matches on their personal streams.

This of course made compiling viewing figures difficult, and more so because of the different platforms, with some streaming on Twitch and others on YouTube.

However, KEEMSTAR himself reached out to many of the players involved, and has received the total unique viewers which each pulled, with the total amounting to over 5 million.

Total Unique Viewers per Player for KEEMSTAR's Friday Fortnite Tournament

Total: 5,312,130 

*Note: Some participants figures not included

Player Unique
1 TSM Myth 1,177,767
2 Nick Eh 30 690,876
3 Noah 626,438
4 Vikkstar 570,430
5 Typical Gamer 507,179
6 Nickmercs 324,122
7 Sypher 269,517
8 Dakotaz 191,721
9 Tfue 168,889
10 KEEMSTAR 150,000
11 ICE_POSEIDON 91,654
12 ONE_Shot_GURL 91,000
13 CouRage 85,890
14 Nadeshot 72,158
15 Logan Paul 60,000
16 SpaceLyon 54,117
17 FouseyTube 37,873
18 Nick28t 31,425
19 NepentheZ 31,000
20 KYR Speedy 30,987
21 SoaR Thief 11,116
22 Tinny 10,426
23 Mamba 10,391
24 Pamaj 9,490
25 H3CZ 8,154
26 SideArms 5,987
27 Hova 1,678


Of course the number would be slightly higher still if the figures for all participants were compiled.

The Friday Fortnite tournament is set to be a weekly thing each Friday, and KEEMSTAR has confirmed that it will feature the same kind of invitees.

One notable omission from the first week was of course the most popular Fortnite streamer, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, who was not available.

It is likely that should he be available next time, and given the momentum of the first tournament, the viewership would continue to increase.