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KEEMSTAR Responds in Brutal Fashion After Shay Carl Challenged Him to a Boxing Fight

Published: 13/Aug/2018 15:57 Updated: 13/Aug/2018 16:29

by Vincent Genova


YouTuber Shay Carl wants to fight the winner of KSI Paul but would also box KEEMSTAR if the bigger fight fell through.

KEEMSTAR had a brutal response to the challenge from Carl.

Carl, known for his family YouTube channel the Shaytards, tweeted about his interest in amatuer boxing.

He would like to take on the winner of KSI vs Logan Paul.

Realizing that KSI or Paul might not be interested in the matchup, Carl set his sights on a more realistic target, the Drama Alert YouTuber KEEMSTAR.

KEEMSTAR does not seem to have an interest in the fight either.

The drama YouTuber responded that Carl does not have enough views for him to want to fight.

Shay Carl shot back with a knock on KEEMSTAR’s weight and that is when the conversation turned a little less playful.

KEEMSTAR responded again, this time bringing up an incident from Carl’s past.

I don’t want to box you cus I know you will “CHEAT”

The cheating line is a reference to Shay Carl sending explicit messages to cam girl Aria Nina through Twitter DMs.

The scandal caused the Carl family to go on a hiatus from content creation, spending about seven months away from social media.


Valkyrae explains why she took a break from YouTube streaming

Published: 18/Jan/2021 17:12

by Alice Hearing


Streamer Valkyrae has explained why she took a break from YouTube streaming in her latest live on the platform.

Having just celebrated her 29th birthday, Valkyrae (real name Rachel Hofstetter) has shown no signs of slowing down in recent years, and her move from Twitch to YouTube at the start of 2020 has proven to be an incredible change for both herself and the YouTube streaming platform.

Just last week, Valkyrae took over from Pokimane as the most-watched female streamer with her 23.6m hours watched coming out above Pokimane’s 23.3m. But even the most successful creators struggle and need breaks.

Valkyrae recently took a week-long break from streaming, leading many to ponder what the reason might be.

valkyrae streaming youtube
YouTube: Valkyrae
Valkyrae has become a huge name in the streaming world.

In her latest stream on Sunday, January 17, Valkyrae explained that she took a break because she had already fulfilled her contracted hours for streaming.

She said, “I signed a contract with YouTube a year ago and as some of you didn’t know and some of you did learn later, I have streaming hours to fulfill and I owe 100 hours a month, but I went a little crazy and streamed too much last year which is very bad for my health.”

(Topic starts at 9:20)

She said that the break was largely for the sake of both her mental and physical health, adding, “I turned 29 on January 8… it’s probably a good time to turn into an adult so I’m going to do that by probably changing my lifestyle a lot.”

She explained that she has problems with her gut-health and that she thinks she has an auto-immune skin disease, so as a result she’ll be changing up her diet and cooking more often.

Valkyrae took a break from social media in May last year for mental health reasons, and so she could take time away to focus on herself and her creativity.

In the future, Valkyrae’s fans can expect more cooking content as she focuses on changing up her lifestyle, she said, but that she will only stream her required hours rather than going overboard as she did in 2020.