KEEMSTAR blasts Corinna Kopf following Tfue breakup – “You just got done sucking clout”

KEEMSTAR - Twitter / Corinna Kopf - Instagram

YouTuber Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR‘ Keem is not happy with online celebrity Corinna Kopf in the least, following her public breakup with Fortnite star Turner ‘Tfue‘ Tenney. 

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The internet was met with surprising news on July 3 when Corinna Kopf announced that she and Tfue had split up after several months of dating.

In her social media post, Kopf revealed that she had “nothing but love for Turner” and that they still had a “very loving healthy relationship,” but the fact that they lived so far away from each other ultimately made things too difficult.

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However, there were many who greeted the news with doubt, one of them being KEEMSTAR, who had some very strong things to say about her the following day.

It all started when Keem found and tweeted out a picture of Kopf hanging out with who appears to be an ex-boyfriend of her’s, an image that had been posted on Instagram the night before but quickly taken down. 

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The image apparently caught a nerve, as Kopf responded to the YouTuber by telling him to “mind your own f*cking business,” claiming that she and her ex shared mutual friends.

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The back-and-forth between the two went up a notch when she began taking shots at Keem and his fanbase, calling them immature. 

“Clearly I’m addressing it and have nothing to hide,” she tweeted. “People can be friends with the ex you know. But you and your 12-year-old fanbase wouldn’t understand that.”

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Never one to be outdone in a war of words, especially on Twitter, KEEMSTAR came back with an even more fiery response, slamming Kopf for her dating choices and taking his own shots at her fanbase.

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“You just got done sucking a clout from Logan Paul and Tfue,” he fired back. “My 12-year-olds will beat up you nine-year-olds any day!

Corinna is yet to reply to this latest jab by KEEMSTAR, and we’ll just have to wait and see if this battle of wits will continue, or if the two will waive a white flag and decide to put this behind them.