KEEMSTAR and Banks Hit Out at YouTube for Ruining $10,000 ‘Mom’s Basement’ Episode

YouTubers Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem and Ricky ‘Banks’ Banks have expressed their disappointment and frustration with YouTube after the latest episode of the pair’s “Mom’s Basement” talk show was demonetized.

This has not only resulted in both content creators not making money from the video, but that it has under-performed due to not being promoted the way a regular monetized video would.

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Mom’s Basement was created by KEEMSTAR and Banks as a way of bringing the classic, television style talk show to YouTube, something which the video-sharing website highly encourages.

With guests including Twitch streamer ‘Ninja,’ the show has proven to be quite successful, with its episodes averaging over 2.7 million views. 

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However, their latest episode, which features popular YouTuber Shane Dawson, has fallen victim to YouTube’s demonetization.

According to KEEMSTAR, a single episode can cost upwards of $10,000 to shoot and produce, and this ordeal could result in a heavy loss of investment.

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Banks has taken his reaction a step further, as he tweeted out at Instagram and Facebook at possibly moving his content creation to their platforms and away from YouTube.

It remains to be seen whether YouTube will work with KEEM and Banks to rectify the situation, and if not, it will be worth monitoring to see if the pair are willing to move their prized show elsewhere. 

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You can watch the latest episode of Mom’s Basement with Shane Dawson below: