Karen’s Diner customer divides TikTok after raging at staff over “body shaming” joke

Karen's diner customer rages at staff in viral tiktokTIKTOK: bechardgrave

An angry Karen’s Diner customer went viral on TikTok after confronting the staff over a “body shaming” comment they made.

Karen’s Diner is renowned for offering good food and terrible customer service. While customers expect staff to be rude, impatient, and dismissive, the restaurant states that racist, sexist, homophobic, and body-shaming jokes will not be tolerated.

One customer, however, recently went viral on TikTok after accusing a server of making a “body shaming” comment toward him.

In a video that has amassed 5.3 million views, content creator Bec Hardgrave recorded her experience at Karen’s Diner in Brisbane, Australia. In her voiceover she says: “Me and my friends went to Karen’s diner, and safe to say I probably won’t come back.

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“I know they get paid to be mean to you but it was a little too hectic. They were making offensive comments about people’s appearances and they told my friend she needed to brush her hair. How mean is that?”

According to Bec, “The food was OK but get this, they told this guy he had a receding hairline and this is what he did…” The video then cuts to a clip of a red-faced man shouting at the restaurant staff.

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In the clip, the man can be seen yelling at staff, while a pile of straws and napkins lay all over the entrance, suggesting he may have thrown them on the ground in a fit of rage. 

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“What’s the one thing your f**king sign says? No body shaming!” he shouts, while pointing to a sign hanging on the wall. He also calls the server who “body shamed” him a “f**king fat b*tch.”

“The guy at the end was sooo out of line!” Hardgrave wrote in the video caption, and added in on-screen text how she “felt so bad for the staff at this point.”

TikTok divided over customer raging at Karen Diner staff

Some users believed that the server’s comment should be expected in a Karen’s Diner, so customers shouldn’t be offended.

“You should all know the risks before entering. If you’re too soft, don’t eat there,” one user wrote.

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“Do people not understand the concept on this place? If you’re going to get offended and mad, don’t go- simple,” another added.

Others, however, thought that the restaurant had gone “too far” and accused servers of bullying customers.

“This restaurant is a mess, it’s not even about being a Karen it’s literally bullying,” one user commented.

“Karen’s Diner needs to end, the whole thing is a mess. They break their own rules and boundaries and then act surprised when people are upset,” another agreed.