Kanye West shuts down requests for him to do an NFT, for now

Kanye West alongside blue masked NFT logoWikiMedia Commons: David Shakbone/Larva Labs

Kanye West has hit back at requests for him to produce his own line of NFTs, saying he’s focused on changing the real world for now.

Over the last year and a bit, influencers across the globe have increasingly been dipping toes in the world of Cryptocurrency and stretching into NFTs.

These non-fungible tokens have spread across the internet like wildfire, with plenty of big names putting their brand towards their own line of them – be it in the form of selfies, cartoon apes, or a card that’ll get buyers exclusive access to merch and things in the future.

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One big name who won’t be getting into NFTs, however, is Kanye West. The Chicago rapper, who is reportedly working on a follow-up to his DONDA album, has seemingly had requests to put his name towards a token, but he has no plans to do so.

Unsplash: DrawKit Illustrations
NFT’s are quickly becoming a form of acceptable digital currency.

On January 31, Ye dropped a not-so-subtle post on his Instagram that contained not one, but two messages to stop asking him to do an NFT right now.

“Stop asking me to do NFTs, I’m not finna co-sign…,” the rap star posted in his caption. “For now, I’m not on that wave. I make real music and products in the real world.”

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Expanding on what he’s doing in the world, he added: “My focus is on building real products in the real world. Real food, real clothes, real shelter. Do not ask me to do a f**king NFT. Ye. Ask me later.”


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While the message may come across as pretty brutal to some, Ye has clearly left the door open to do something in the future.

As noted, he is reportedly working on a new album – DONDA 2 – and it could be the case that once he’s done with that, he’ll put his creative genius to work in the world of NFTs.

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