Kanye West speaks out after daughter North’s TikTok account goes viral

Kim Kardashian and North West next to Kanye WestTikTok: kimandnorth / Wikimedia Commons: David Shankbone

Rapper Kanye West has responded to his daughter North having a viral TikTok account, saying he doesn’t want his children to be on the popular app without his permission.

In the past few years, short-form video platform TikTok has seen countless celebrities make an account to join in on the viral fun.

Back in November 2021, Kim Kardashian made a joint account alongside 8-year-old daughter North and they went viral almost instantly, now with over 5 million followers on that account alone.

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North features in most of the posts, and she make a variety of different videos including popular trends and challenges, makeup, and more. The bio reads: “Me and my bestie. Managed by an adult.”

Kim Kardashian and North West next to the TikTok logoTikTok: kimandnorth
The account has now garnered over 5 million followers.

However, North’s father Kanye West has now spoken out about his thoughts on the viral account in an interview with Hollywood Unlocked.

West, according to Entertainment Tonight, explained that there was an incident where North asked to show him something inside the house, and he had to tell her he couldn’t go inside.

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“My daughter wanted me to go inside,” he said. “I was like, I am the richest Black man and North’s father, right, and the security was able to stop me from going into the room with my daughter and that had not been defined.”

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“And I am hearing that the new boyfriend is actually in the house that I can’t even go to. And that’s where I call my cousins. And my cousins is real opinionated, you know that. And I said, ‘I need you to go and say these two things.’ Security ain’t going to be in between me and my children, and my children ain’t going to be on TikTok without my permission.”

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North recently went viral after she went live on TikTok without permission from her mother, leading to Kim having to tell her to end the stream.

The comments on North and Kim’s shared TikTok account remain disabled, but each video continues to garner tens of millions of views.

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