Twitch streamer Kandyland rages after accidental dildo reveal: "WHY?!"

by Isaac McIntyre


Kandyland’ Carlsson revealed much more than she bargained for to her viewers while playing World of Warcraft Classic.

Kandyland, like many other streamers, has been swept up in the storm that is WoW Classic, with the vintage re-release taking over much of the Twitch community.

The popular personality has been learning the game with Jokerd, the first player to hit level 60 since Classic released, and, while watching one of his videos, decided to use the WoW Snapchat filter to turn herself into one of Azeroth’s orcs for her chat.

After taking the selfie, Kandy was ready to reveal her face-change in the camera app, turning it around to the camera and catching a full view of her setup behind her computer.

While the selfie of her as an orc was interesting enough, her followers were more interested in something that had been revealed in her room when she panned the camera around: what appeared to be a dildo sitting just out of view.

The embarrassed streamer quickly turned from surprise to anger, yelling that everything had gone wrong with her day after she had accidentally shown the pink sex toy.

“Why is god against me? I’m so angry, what the fuck?” she yelled after the reveal. “How did it fucking show in my mobile phone?  Why, why, why, why, why? I don’t get it? I’m so mad at the world now, I was so happy. What the fuck?”

The accidental reveal may have spoiled some of Kandy’s day, but it looks like things may have improved later on. The variety streamer confirmed on Rajj Patel’s ‘rajjchelor’ show that she would go on a date with Jokerd if he came to TwitchCon in the US.

Considering the two of them have been talking near non-stop since he first hit level 60 on WoW Classic, it’s a big step for both of them. Maybe it was a real offer, too. Time will tell.

Either way, the two have become entwined recently in their streams and online personalities. 

In the fast-paced world of Twitch, Kandy's sex toy slip-up is sure to be forgotten within a matter of days, or perhaps even hours. However, it seems likely that the streamer will be aware of the dangers of a selfie cam moving forward!