Kai Cenat responds to QTCinderella’s joke about him at the Streamer Awards

Kai Cenat xQcTwitch: Kai Cenat

Kai Cenat has responded to QTCinderalla’s joke poking fun at the accusations that the Twitch star had a sexual act performed on him during his subathon.

Kai Cenat has quickly grown to become one of the biggest stars on Twitch in the last couple of months. During his month-long subathon, the 21-year-old became the most-subscribed streamer on the Amazon-owned platform, amassing over 300,000 subscribers.

Throughout the record-breaking subathon — absolutely smashing the previous sub-record by Ludwig — fans saw just about every aspect of Kai’s life with the camera on him almost every second.

One segment of the broadcast, however, got fans debating whether or not they saw a bit too much into his life, as viewers believed it looked like the streamer was having a sex act performed on him mid-stream.

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Potentially risking a ban from Twitch, Kai denied the allegations and quickly deleted the clip from his channel. Although, that didn’t stop fellow streamer QTCinderalla from firing shots at him during the Streamer Awards.

Kai Cenat responds to QTCinderall’s Streamer Awards joke

In a March 18 broadcast, Kai finally responded to QTCinderalla’s joke about him during the beginning of the Streamer Awards. Opening up the show, QT joked she hadn’t seen that many millionaires get “j*rked off” since Kai’s subathon.

Hitting back, the streamer was adamant that he didn’t have the sexual act performed on him, claiming he was having his knee rubbed. “She made a little joke about me in the beginning,” Kai said. “She said she hadn’t seen this many millionaires get j*rked off since Kai’s subathon.”

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“I’ll have you know, that b*tch was rubbing my knee,” he exclaimed. “My knees! She was rubbing my knees!”

Kai’s chat was spammed with viewers saying ‘cap’ — with many still believing he did in fact have the act performed on him. However, as the streamer noted, there’s no way to get viewers to believe him.