Kai Cenat defends “oblivious” iShowSpeed amid critic attempts to ‘cancel’ him

Kai Cenat in red jacket sat on white couch talking into microphoneFull Send/Kai Cenat

Twitch star Kai Cenat stepped to the defense of fellow streamer iShowSpeed during an appearance on the FULL SEND Podcast, claiming that some critics have tried to ‘cancel’ the YouTuber. 

Over the last few months, iShowSpeed has experienced some absolutely insane growth on his YouTube streams. The young streamer regularly attracts over 100k viewers every time he goes live, and even had to get police help while in the UK as he got swarmed by fans. 

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Despite his massive popularity, Speed has come under fire quite a few times as well. He’s recently been accused of being racist towards a Chinese fan while at the World Cup and he’s also been accused of helping promote a cryptocurrency “scam” to his fans.

Speed has apologized for both incidents and has also had the backing of a number of streamers too, as they’ve regularly pointed to his age as a mitigating factor for a few of his decisions. Kai Cenat is just the latest to do so, noting that Speed is simply too “oblivious” to things. 

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Kai Cenat defends iShowSpeed amid cancelation attempts

The Twitch star appeared on the NELK Boys’ FULL SEND Podcast on December 9, discussing his rise in the streaming world, his plans for the future, and his relationship with Speed. 

“He’s so young and he’s so smart because he’s international. I feel like people gotta watch him to really understand him. He gets a lot of criticism for s*it that he says and does, but it’s so crazy because there’s been times where they try to ‘cancel’ him over certain s*it but he’s so oblivious,” Kai said about the YouTuber.

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“He’s young, like, he deadass doesn’t know right from wrong, and at first I thought it was an act like he’d put on for streaming s*it, but when I’m with him, he’ll deadass don’t know what to do.”

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Kai noted that the pair have “taught” each other things whenever they’ve linked up, and reiterated that Speed isn’t putting on act – which has been another criticism of his. 

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The two streaming phenoms haven’t teamed up for a stream in a while, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see it happen again before long.