Kai Cenat calls out “weird” Mizkif over claims he streamed with iShowSpeed

Kai Cenat slams weird Mizkif over iShowSpeed commentYouTube: iShowSpeed, Kai Cenat Live, Mizkif

Kai Cenat slammed Mizkif, calling him “weird” for claiming Kai had streamed with banned streamer iShowSpeed after Miz got banned for watching another suspended broadcaster’s content.

Popular streamer Mizkif received a sudden ban from Twitch on January 13 after watching content from Gross Gore, a broadcaster who was indefinitely banned from the site back in 2021.

Although the ban was only 24 hours long, Mizkif took issue with Twitch over the ordeal and even contacted a representative to explain why he was banned.

He recounted the conversation to his viewers a few days later, claiming he’d asked the representative why, then, weren’t other big streamers banned for watching content from other banned creators — notably referencing xQc watching clips from Destiny, who was banned in 2022.

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Mizkif also referenced Kai Cenat, claiming he’d had a broadcast with iShowSpeed, who also received a ban from Twitch last year following his sexist outburst during an appearance on Adin Ross’s channel.

“I’m like, how about the time Kai Cenat literally had Speed on stream?” Mizkif said.

Kai Cenat slams “weird” Mizkif over iShowSpeed claims

Kai Cenat reacted to Miz’s statement during one of his own broadcasts and immediately took issue with the streamer, denying that he’d ever even had Speed on his channel.

“That sh*t is weird to me, bro!” Kai screamed. “I don’t give a f*ck, bro. But that sh*t is so weird to me, bro! …I never had that [expletive] on my stream, not once! …that sh*t pisses me off. That sh*t is wack to me. What the f*ck, bro?”

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While the two have streamed together on Speed’s YouTube channel, Cenat remains firm that he’s never invited Speed on his own Twitch channel for a joint broadcast on that platform.

For now, Miz has yet to publicly respond to Kai. This latest clash follows news that both iShowSpeed and Doctor Disrespect, two of the biggest banned Twitch stars, dominated viewership on YouTube throughout 2022.