Kaceytron mocked during IRL Twitch stream after stranger thinks she’s being racist - Dexerto

Kaceytron mocked during IRL Twitch stream after stranger thinks she’s being racist

Published: 18/Mar/2019 18:23 Updated: 18/Mar/2019 18:24

by Virginia Glaze


Popular Twitch streamer Kaceytron is no stranger to controversy – but one encounter during an IRL stream threw her for an unexpected loop.

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Kaceytron was in the midst of a St. Patrick’s Day stream at a bar when she asked a bystander about his opinions on “bigger women” – to which he had an scathing response.

“Are you into bigger women?” Kaceytron asked.

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Twitter: KaseytronKaceytron is known for her hilarious gaming and IRL broadcasts, and boasts over 470,000 followers on Twitch.

“I’m into all women,” the stranger replied, appearing to be taken aback by her question. “I’m not racist. I love women. Is this what you do for a living? ‘Cause you’re so terrible at it. I’m not gonna lie. Have fun.”


Kaceytron seemed to be shocked at the bystander’s vehement statement, noting that she had over 1,000 viewers watching the live stream.

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However, the stranger appeared not to care, claiming that he didn’t have any social media accounts. “You are a piece of shit,” he stated before walking away. “Have fun.”

While Kaceytron attempted to follow the man out of the bar, her chat noted that he had probably misheard her question about “bigger women,” accidentally hearing a racial slur, instead.

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This isn’t the first awkward encounter Kaceytron has had during an IRL stream, by far; she was also recognized by a group of men walking out of a bar during a stream on March 8, who loudly proclaimed their support from across the sidewalk in a hilarious turn of events.


Kaceytron is known for both her humorous gaming streams and IRL broadcasts, with over 471,000 followers on Twitch and 66,000 subscribers on YouTube.