Kaceytron calls out Twitch not banning Quin69 over women ‘asking for assault’ comment

kaceytron quin69Kaceytron/Quin69

Twitch star Kaceytron hit out at the platform for not taking action against streamer Quin69 who made comments about women “asking to get sexually assaulted” because of what they wear.

During a stream on January 5, Quin69 came under fire over comments he made about women’s clothing choices.

In the clip, he made a drawing of a short skirt on a woman and said: “You’re just asking to get sexually assaulted by some deranged person.”

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The video from his broadcast went viral, notching over 190k views in just two days, and drew ire on both Twitch and social media platforms.

Kaceytron on Quin69’s comments

Quin69 has not been punished by Twitch since his remarks made waves, and fellow streamer Kaceytron spoke out about the platform’s lack of action.

Kacey wondered about the logic behind her receiving a ban for her previous comments, and the lack of a ban for Quin69.

The ban Kaceytron referenced was her suspension on March 17, 2020, when Twitch banned her account for three weeks for “Engaging in hateful comments and threats of violence.”

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The streamer followed up her initial post and said, “The comment isn’t just offensive to women, but SA victims as a whole. I’m sorry you have to hear shit like this on a platform like Twitch.”

Quin69 responded to the backlash on stream, admitting that he was incorrect in what he said.

“What comes as a common intuition from me, is probably counter-intuitive. And I think I’m wrong, and I think it’s far less of a factor than I was assuming it was,” he concluded.

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Kacey tagged the official Twitch Support account page in her post. Twitch does not comment on moderation actions to protect the privacy of users.

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