JustAMinx gets stuck in elevator on stream after prank goes wrong - Dexerto

JustAMinx gets stuck in elevator on stream after prank goes wrong

Published: 28/Jan/2022 17:04

by Michael Gwilliam


Twitch streamer JustAMinx found herself stuck in an elevator and forced to listen to Andrea Botez singing after a prank went brutally wrong.

Pranks can be incredibly fun and are quite popular on Twitch, with streamers frequently trying to pull one over on each other.

With Envy’s new content house in full swing, JustAMinx, Andrea Botez, Alexandra Botez, and CodeMiko found themselves together once again, but this time, things may have gone a bit too far.

During a January 27 broadcast, CodeMiko thought it would be funny to prank her boyfriend, Castlehead and Justaminx by trapping them in an elevator, but when it backfired in a big way.


JustAMinx gets trapped in an elevator

After CodeMiko stopped the elevator preventing it from opening, JustAMinx, Castlehead, and fellow streamer Mia Malkova began to lose their minds.

“I don’t have my phone!” Minx cried. “It’s hot! Ugh! It’s actually hot.”

At Malkova’s suggestion, Minx decided to take off the top layer of her clothes while the trio complained about how the situation was making them feel.

“I’m stressed,” the blonde streamer and actress explained. “As soon as I knew I was stuck I started feeling claustrophobic. It was supposed to be a joke.”

To make things worse, the three were subjected to Andrea Botez singing outside of the elevator only adding to their misery, though they tried to remain in good spirits.


Finally, though, they did manage to get the elevator open, rescuing the three souls, freeing them.

Hopefully, everyone learned their lesson and the next time there’s a prank, it doesn’t inconvenience everyone. But at least they got some content out of it!