JustaMinx gets “arrested” by Twitch in hilarious return stream after ban

. 5 months ago
JustaMinx arrested on Twitch

Popular Twitch streamer ‘JustaMinx’ returned from a week-long ban on February 15 to poke fun at both herself and the Amazon-owned platform by being “arrested.”

JustaMinx was slapped with her second-ever Twitch ban back on February 8 for using the controversial derogatory slur “cracker” during a broadcast.

The ban earned the Envy streamer a stern warning that if she were to be suspended again, the next time would be permanent. Something that caused the streamer to break down on video over.

Now that her ban is up, however, JustaMinx returned to mock Twitch’s action by literally faking an arrest involving a police car, an orange jail jumpsuit, and some hilarious acting chops.

JustaMinx gets “arrested” over Twitch ban

Her return stream began, amazingly, with the 25-year-old in the back of a police car and being led by an “officer” to explain why she was in custody.

“Now, you know what happened, right? You know you violated Twitch regulations. You’re not allowed to use profanity or call names, or do anything against the law,” the officer said. “Look, I know it’s bullsh*t, but that’s the law. So we’re taking you in.”

From there, the streamer was placed in a dog cage as part of her “probation” for violating Twitch’s rules. Eventually, it was revealed the cage was just a joke by the cop, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t still on thin ice with the platform.

“I’m just trying to make a point, because you’re a bad girl,” the cop said, to the agreement of Minx.

“I know! I’m on my last chance, officer,” she cried. “I’m sorry, Twitch! I’m sorry.”

The whole skit was pretty well-received by viewers with many pointing out how immersive and topical the whole scene was. From the costumes to the set, fans seemed to enjoy it was while still being fairly cheesy.

Hopefully, the streamer can continue to stay out of trouble so she can keep producing amazing content like this for the Twitch community to enjoy.

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