JustaMinx breaks down after Twitch’s perma-ban warning for next stream mishap

. 5 months ago
YouTube: Just a Minx

Popular streamer ‘JustaMinx’ broke down in a YouTube video after her second ban from Twitch, claiming the site has warned her that her next ban will be permanent.

On February 7, JustaMinx received a ban from the platform for using a “derogatory slur” after saying the word “cracker” during a broadcast.

This marked her second ban on the site. JustaMinx cannot stream for seven days — but that isn’t the only difficulty facing this content creator.

Two days later, Minx posted a YouTube video explaining her current situation… and judging by her response, the Twitch ban seems to be taking its toll on her.

Minx explained that, since she lives in a home with other Twitch streamers, she has to “creep” around the house for fear of appearing on her housemates’ broadcasts and earning them a ban, as well.

On top of that, she said that she will be stepping away from crossing “the line” in her Twitch content, marking a major change for her comedic style. This is a measure she claims she’s taking to avoid a permanent ban.

“As we all know, this is my second Twitch ban,” she explained. “Meaning, and after having a talk with Twitch, my third one will be permanent. Which is terrifying.”

JustAMinx whilst streaming
YouTube: JustaMinx
JustaMinx is a popular Twitch streamer with 1.9 million followers.

Minx says she will be focusing more on her YouTube channel as a result, where she will upload videos twice a week.

This marks a big change for Minx’s Twitch streams and means more work for her in regards to her YouTube presence. The streamer jokingly admitted that the entire situation has been greatly affecting her emotional state, as well.

“I’ve not been taking care of myself since the ban, okay?” she revealed. “I’m living like a rat in this dark cave. …I have to put my eggs in other baskets now, since I’m on my last chance.”

Minx’s fans have sent her an outpouring of support in response to her honest message as they eagerly await her eventual return to Twitch – a platform that continues to dominate the streaming game in spite of YouTube’s shrewd competition.

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