Julia Rose rages at fan demanding boyfriend Jake Paul “fight a boxer”

Jake Paul and Julia RoseInstagram/Jakepaul

Jake Paul’s girlfriend made quite a scene by defending her man from a fan demanding the YouTuber fight an actual boxer following his latest KO victory against former UFC champ Tyron Woodley.

Julia Rose has been a strong supporter of her boyfriend Jake Paul and has shown she’s willing to throw down if anyone tries to start beef with her lover.

In the past, the Instagram model revealed she tried to get a fight going with the girlfriend of Paul’s planned boxing opponent, Tommy Fury, to coincide with their match. Unfortunately, Molly-Mae Hague turned down the wagers.

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While she hasn’t yet been able to throw punches at adversaries, she has, however, stepped in to fight off fans critical of her partner’s success. And let’s just say, if her fists are anything like her words, she could be a future champion.

jake-paul-julia-rose-engagedInstagram/Julia Rose
Julia Rose and Jake Paul make quite the powerful couple.

Julia Rose fights off Jake Paul hater

In a post on Instagram, Julia celebrated her Christmas with Jake, uploading a photo of the two kissing.

In the comments, a fan simply commented, “fight a boxer” accompanied by a laughing emoji. Paul has been criticized in the past for only fighting other influencers or athletes from different sports.

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Rose, however, was having none of it and unleashed a tirade on the fan, attacking both him and Tommy Fury in the process.

Julia Rose defends Jake PaulInstagram/Juliarose
Julia Rose did not hold back.

“Please shut the f**k up respectfully,” she retaliated. “He tried to fight a boxer and that ‘boxer’ was a f**king pu**y. You fight a f**king boxer.”

Of course, Paul was scheduled to duke it out with Tommy Fury before the Love Island star pulled out due to medical reasons resulting in Tyron Woodley getting his rematch opportunity.

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Considering how much Rose has Paul’s back, it will be fun to see if she ever gets her chance to fight alongside him at an event of some sort in the near future. Until then, don’t mess with her!

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