Jschlatt mocks Dream’s hoodie merch following backlash over simple design

jschlatt dream merchYouTube: Jschlatt

When Minecraft YouTuber Dream launched his own line of merch, featuring hoodies with a smiley face, it drew some criticism that the designs were lazy. After a while, the drama died down – but fellow YouTuber Jschlatt isn’t letting him forget about it.

Dream has never revealed his face, and instead has worn a simple mask with a smiley face drawn on to conceal what he looks like.

He even recently released a new song, titled ‘Mask’, explaining the reasons he wears the mask, and how it is linked to mental health and fame.

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But, when Dream released his merch back in March, there was a notable backlash because of how basic the design was. The hoodies featured nothing more than the drawn ‘smile’.

Dream hoodie merchDream Shop
Dream’s aesthetic is simple, and that’s reflected in his merch.

Dream responded to the criticism by explaining: “I don’t mind most of my Merch being simple because people like it, and that’s my brand! My Youtube PFP is drawn in paint as well. Simplicity can be good sometimes.”

Although fans were still split on if the merch was lazy or just on-brand, the drama over Dream’s merch quickly died down. But, JSchlatt hasn’t forgotten.

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During his video roasting the worst brand redesigns, the YouTuber joked that he was remaking his own plushie logo to be just basic shapes, and showed Dream’s merch: “This is my new merch, it’s simple, which means it’s good,” he said, mimicking Dream’s explanation.

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Although Jschlatt was (mostly) joking, the pair do have a bit of a turbulent history.

In July 2020, there was controversy after Dream ‘kicked’ Jschlatt from a Minecraft livestream. Jschlatt said that ‘Twitter had decided his fate’, after there was a trend on the social media platform to kick him from the stream.

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Jschlatt had not been expected to join the stream, and it’s believed that Dream adhered to his fans’ requests to kick the YouTuber. Dream assured fans in a YouTube comment that it wasn’t that big of a deal, but that he wasn’t happy someone else had invited players to his server.

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