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Josh Richards reveals Corinna Kopf messages to prove he turned down date

Published: 26/Jun/2021 12:26

by Georgina Smith


After TikToker Josh Richards claimed on the BFFs podcast that he turned down dinner with Corinna Kopf, she claimed it was actually her that had to take a rain check. Now, Josh has posted a screenshot of their texts to prove who was really telling the truth.

YouTuber Corinna Kopf stunned the internet in mid-June when she revealed that she’d made a little over a million dollars within just a 48 hour period on OnlyFans, with people flocking to the hugely popular influencer’s page in droves.

BFFs hosts Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards were discussing the fact that the star made $165,000 on just one picture, when Josh suddenly revealed that he’d turned down the opportunity of getting dinner with Corinna.


“You know how I know she’s got money?” Josh asked. “Cause she texted me and she was like, ‘yo, let’s go to dinner. Let me spend my OnlyFans money on you.'”

However, the TikToker then went on to reveal: “It was for this Thursday, but I had a meeting on Thursday and the meeting actually got changed to go to the Suns game.”

After BFFs posted the clip to their Twitter account, Corinna was quick to correct Josh’s version of events. “I actually rain-checked because I was out of town but we’ll go with that,” she wrote.


But Josh was keen to stick to his original story, and even posted a screenshot of texts he had exchanged with Corinna when they were trying to arrange to meet up.

She said that she would be in LA on Thursday and asked if Josh was up for dinner, and just like his version of events, she added, “let me spend my OnlyFans money on you.”

Josh then responded: “Alright sh*t, if you insist, but I got a dinner 7-9 Thursday.” The next day Corinna said: “Okay I lied, I’m going to Miami tomorrow.”

It seems as though there have been some crossed wires with regard to who turned down who, but some fans hope that the pair will reschedule their dinner.