Josh Richards reacts to Thomas Petrou taking over the Hype House YouTube Channel

Instagram: Josh Richards/Thomas Petrou

Hype House manager Thomas Petrou has taken over the content house’s former YouTube channel, causing a mixed reaction and even grabbing the attention of Josh Richards.

Thomas Petrou – co-founder, and manager of the TikTok famous Hype House – has amassed over 8.1 million followers on TikTok with an added 1.8m subscribers on YouTube.

The Hype House was a group of talented teens who collaborated together with the sole mission of driving views on each other’s TikTok pages, with included names like Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, Chase Hudson, Alex Waren, Addison Rae, and more.

Recently, fans have noticed that the house’s YouTube channel name has changed, with all of its videos being completely wiped.

Josh Richards reacts to Thomas Petrou taking over the Hype House’s YT

On March 5, a video titled “SPENDING 24 HOURS IN A MOVING TRUCK” was uploaded to the Hype House’s YouTube channel, with one major feature confusing fans: the channel’s name was no longer “Hype House” but rather “Thomas Petrou,” making this his second page.

The video showcased Petrou spending the night in a moving truck, earning the upload over 24,000 views.

On March 9, Josh Richards went on the BFFs podcast to talk about the subject, and whether or not it was a smart play on Petrou’s part.

“If it’s just you paying for the house, and it was a channel with over million-plus subscribers, why the f**k give that away?” he stated.

(Timestamp 20:42 in the following video)

Richards, who was once part of the Hype House’s biggest rival, Sway House, has developed a friendship with Petrou over the years, even recently having the former Hype House member on his podcast.

While the original Hype House line-up isn’t the same as it is now, the collective now has its own show on Netflix.