Josh Richards has perfect response to Jackson Mahomes hitting on Nessa Barrett

. 1 year ago
Instagram: Jackson Mahomes/ Instagram: Josh Richards

Josh Richards has posted a hilarious response after TikToker Jackson Mahomes tried to shoot his shot with Nessa Barrett.

Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett might not be in an official relationship right now, but all signs point to the two as a pretty solid pair, and they’re not exactly keeping it quiet.

In the last couple of months, Josh has given plenty of indication that he’s loved up, despite some previous attempts at denial that no one is convinced by, especially after their history together.

Josh and Nessa first got together in late 2019 when TikTok began to blow up and were together for nine months before breaking things off in August to “focus on ourselves.” But they stayed pretty close in the meantime, often appearing in vlogs together, making TikToks together, and posting images of them getting close. But when fans asked questions, they simply maintained they were best friends.

Josh Richards Nessa Barrett
Instagram: Josh Richards
Josh and Nessa started getting close again in Autumn 2020

However, Josh seemed to confirm that they are currently dating during his BFFs podcast with Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy. “That’s his girlfriend,” Portnoy said of the situation, to which Josh replied, “Yeah, that’s why she was on the show.”

But under Portnoy’s TikTok clip of the conversation, Nessa wrote “Weird,” she wrote. “I didn’t even know myself?” causing even more confusion for fans of the couple.

The lack of clarity also means that some are trying to flirt with Nessa. After she posted a TikTok lipsyncing to Lucky by Lil Nemo, TikToker Jackson Mahomes, also known as the brother of NFL star quarterback Patrick Mahomes II, duetted the video lipsyncing the words “Looking at me, I know you wanna f*** me, I’ll give you this d*** if you lucky” and added the caption “let me take you on a date.”

But Josh was not having it and promptly stitched the video with his own addition. He simply stood in front of the camera, and in silence, gestured towards Nessa sleeping on his bed, returned to look at the camera, and nodded while looking very proud of himself.

Jackson snapped back in the comments “She looks bored,” but Josh was quick to hit back with “long night prolly tired.”

The response leaves a pretty clear message to anyone trying to flirt with Nessa, and perhaps this will lead to confirmation that the pair are exclusive in 2021.

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