Josh Richards explains why half of his Bryce Hall roast jokes were cut

Josh Richards speaking on the BFFs podcastYouTube: BFFs

TikToker Josh Richards has explained why 50% of his jokes were cut from the Bryce Hall Roast video, and revealed that he still has the original footage.

In February, social media stars such as Tana Mongeau, Jeff Wittek, and Josh Richards all gathered to roast TikTok star Bryce Hall, and the video of the event was eventually uploaded in March.

However, there was some controversy surrounding the event, after Jeff Wittek claimed that several of his jokes were going to be cut from the video, leading to him pulling his set entirely.

But it looks like he wasn’t the only performer who had jokes cut. In an episode of the BFFs podcast, TikTok star Josh Richards explained why his whole set didn’t make it into the video.

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bryce hall at bryce hall roastYouTube: Jason Nash
Several popular influencers gathered to roast Bryce.

“I was kind of a little bit disappointed,” he said. “They cut out like 50% of my jokes. They just thought that some were too intense, so they didn’t wanna, like, get me canceled.”

When asked what the jokes were, the influencer responded that “they were good,” and went on to reveal that he actually still has the footage of all the original jokes, hinting that he might go on to share it at some point.

Josh went on to say that although he asked for his jokes to not be cut, they were still removed anyway.

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It’s not yet clear whether he’ll actually release the jokes that didn’t make it into the final video, but several comments expressed interest in seeing the entirety of Josh’s set.

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Bryce himself actually reacted to some of the unseen footage over on his YouTube channel, as his videographer was there on the night to record everything — and the roasters certainly didn’t seem to be holding back.