Josh Richards demands Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler stop “petty drama”

Nessa Barrett and Josh RichardsInstagram: nessabarrett / Instagram: joshrichards

Josh Richards has finally reached his breaking point with ex Nessa Barrett and her new partner Jaden Hossler constantly “roping” him into their “petty drama for clicks and views.”

Social media stars Richards and Barrett have been through their ups and downs over the past year. While they officially called it quits in June 2020, the two had still been awkwardly linked through til December. 

With the relationship now finally off, the pair have distanced themselves with Richards confirming they’ll “never” get back together. Despite this, Barrett has continued to mention her ex while starting up a new romance with Hossler.

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Frustrated that he’s still a talking point in their new relationship, Richards lashed out across social media on April 28. 

“I’ve said this before and [I’m] saying it again, it’s well past time for them and others to stop roping me in for clicks and views.”

Barrett’s latest song appears to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. While the track did little clear the air, it looped Richards back into the drama and teased that there’s more to “the truth” than people expect.

Richards stressed that the situation has led to “ludicrous conspiracies and false accusations,” adding that they all “need to stop.” 

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“I’m tired of people spewing lies just to get a reaction from me,” he said. Rather than focusing on the “high-school, petty drama” any longer, Richards has been focusing his efforts elsewhere. “It would be irresponsible of me not to focus on my amazing team that relies on me every day, that’s where my energy has been and that’s where I am going to keep it.”

As a result, it’s clear the social media celeb wants nothing to do with Barrett’s new relationship. He’s already wished them the best and attempted to move on, but now he’s separating himself once and for all.

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“I feel betrayed and I do have a lot to say, but I am choosing to channel that hurt and energy into my work.”

Whether or not this holds true, we’ll just have to see, though Richards is clearly more interested in bigger projects than social media feuds.