Josh Richards & Dave Portnoy react to Bryce Hall cheating drama: “It doesn’t make sense”

Josh Richards Dave Portnoy Addison Rae Bryce Hall cheating rumorsYouTube: Josh Richards / Instagram: Bryce Hall

TikTok stars Bryce Hall and Addison Rae are currently embroiled in an alleged cheating scandal, with fans across the net theorizing that Hall cheated on his renegade-dancing girlfriend with an adult actress — but not everyone is convinced it’s true.

The past week has been a whirlwind of drama for TikTok’s most popular couple. Bryce Hall and Addison Rae — who were rumored to be secretly dating for months before finally making it official — are now in an especially rocky spot in their relationship.

The drama began in early March after a few Instagram accounts released photos of Hall and Addison dining at a restaurant together — except they weren’t sitting with each other. Instead, Hall seemed especially interested in Tana Mongeau, kicking off a slew of speculation regarding a potential tryst between the two.

That’s not all; others claimed that Hall had met up with fellow influencer Saiviantha in Las Vegas, causing her to speak out and debunk the wild rumors in a pointed video.

Tana Mongeau Bryce Hall textsDeaxmoi via DefNoodles
Some fans speculated that Bryce Hall was cheating on Addison Rae with Tana Mongeau.

Still others are pointing to purported text messages from an adult film star, who — if the messages are to be believed — claimed she’d hooked up with Bryce in Vegas, releasing a slew of additional information about the event, in the process.

With all the wild claims circulating the net, it comes as little surprise that other TikTokers have chimed in on the issue. In fact, Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy commented on the topic during his BFFs podcast with the Sway House’s Josh Richards, with both parties finding the scandal hard to believe.

“If he’s gonna go do a **** star in Vegas, he’s been going around,” Richards hypothesized. “No way this is the first one. No way. It just doesn’t make sense.”

“We’ve seen it on this podcast — girls will make **** up just to clout farm and get talked about, but this makes no sense. I don’t see how anyone could rationally believe this story,” Portnoy added. “I’m pretty good at my radar on what’s real and fake, and I’m going that’s ***ing fake.”

Hall himself has denied any allegations of cheating prior to the BFFs podcast, while Addison has refused to discuss the topic, although she did ask for privacy during what is certainly an emotional time — not made any better by prying paparazzi and nosey fans.