Josh Peck responds to rumors of David Dobrik fall out and “bad blood’ between them

Josh Peck and David Dobrik talkingYouTube: Josh Peck

Actor Josh Peck has responded to rumors that there’s “bad blood” between himself and David Dobrik, after claims he ‘cleared’ Dobrik from his Instagram page following the Vlog Squad controversy last year.

In 2021, David Dobrik was at the center of controversy after allegations of bullying and sexual assault against members of the Vlog Squad, and the YouTuber ended up losing hundreds and thousands of subscribers along with several sponsors over the accusations.

Amid the drama, Dobrik’s friend Josh Peck reportedly removed images of the YouTuber from his profile on Instagram, leading some to believe that the pair had fallen out.

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David Dobrik and Josh PeckJosh Peck/YouTube
Josh and David have appeared in each other’s content on multiple occasions.

Almost a year later, Peck has now addressed the rumors that they are no longer friends in his appearance on an episode of the BFFs podcast.

Host Dave Portnoy said to Josh: “It looks like you cleaned your Instagram of David Dobrik? Or maybe not, but, you don’t talk about him, is there anything to that? Bad blood? Or that’s not really even just true?”

Josh responded: “That’s not true at all. I mean, I remember seeing that article came out and that was not true at all.”

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“You know, we’re friends, and I’ve been lucky enough to be working a fair amount lately, and I have a kid, a three-year-old, so I haven’t been around for like a year or two, but no, that’s not true at all.”

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David returned to YouTube in June 2021 after a three-month break from the internet, and since then he has been uploading regularly on the platform for his 18 million subscribers. He has considered quitting YouTube entirely though.

However, he’s recently been involved in drama with YouTuber Jeff Wittek, who accused Dobrik of planning to “frame” him with screenshots taken immediately after the excavator accident in which he was seriously injured.