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JoJo Siwa confronts relationship rumors with Elliot Brown

Published: 12/Mar/2020 21:29 Updated: 12/Mar/2020 21:30

by Virginia Glaze


Massively popular YouTuber Jojo Siwa is one of the net’s biggest rising stars — but her fame has all eyes trained on her love life, with many fans questioning if the social media celeb is dating football player Elliot Brown.

Jojo’s fanbase flipped out over a photo of the two stars posing together in February, with comments all over Instagram speculating that the content creators were secretly dating.

While Siwa’s caption on the pic didn’t hint at any romance at all, E! News’ ‘In The Room’ video series brought up the photo during a tour of JoJo’s colorful, Candyopolis-esque room, with host Jason Kennedy noting the rumors that their selfie stirred up online.


JoJo Siwa, Instagram
This photo of JoJo Siwa posing with childhood friend Elliot Brown stirred up speculation that the two are secretly dating.

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The YouTuber called the comments “funny,” and even admitted that she knew she’d have to address the speculation at some point — although her subsequent answer didn’t really give fans a clear response on the subject.

“He has been a family friend of mine for… I’ve known him since he was eight,” she explained. “Since I was eight. He came out here and we had a really great time. He is an awesome kid, and his family are the nicest people ever. We’ve been friends for forever.”

Despite claims that Brown is merely a friend, she also revealed an ongoing joke between their families, claiming that they are always told they’d make a cute couple.


JoJo Siwa, YouTube
JoJo Siwa reacted to fan speculation that she is secretly dating childhood friend Elliot Brown during a segment of E! News’ “In The Room” – although she didn’t give fans a clear answer.

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“I will say I’m really excited to see him this weekend,” she continued. “He’s awesome.”

“I think you’re cute together,” Kennedy commented. “For what it’s worth.”

“I do, too,” Siwa replied. “That’s what I’ll say. I agree with that.”

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Needless to say, her vague response to the issue has spurred even more hopes from fans that the two are keeping a potential romance under wraps, with commenters across the net firm in their belief that the star is now all boo’d up.

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With Brown hailing from the same home town as Siwa and having appeared in her posts several times, it comes as little surprise that the two are being paired together — but until JoJo makes an official announcement, things are still up in the air, for now.