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Joe Weller Predicts Winner of KSI vs Logan Paul Rematch

Published: 7/Sep/2018 19:00 Updated: 7/Sep/2018 19:18

by Virginia Glaze


British YouTuber and music artist Joe Weller has predicted that Logan Paul will take the victory over KSI in their upcoming rematch.

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Weller, who commentated the YouTubers’ fight at the event’s ringside, broke down the match in a video where he stated that Logan was the true victor – and that he’s a good candidate to take their second fight, as well.

While he felt that KSI had fantastic energy and fighting spirit, he held that Logan landed more punches overall.

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Weller ended up scoring the fight 4 – 2 in Logan’s favor, with the final round going to KSI. 


He noted that KSI’s conditioning was a major part of his energy, citing Logan Paul’s muscle mass as a huge factor in his exhaustion toward the end of the fight.

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However, he feels that Paul will slim down and condition himself before their next match – which will prove significant in him taking the victory.

“He’s gonna learn from this. I think he will shred right down and condition himself to go a much longer distance… if he can stay energized the whole fight, I can’t not see him winning.”

He also felt that Paul dominated the match when he was ‘fresh’ at the beginning of their bout. Weller likewise cited Paul’s short time in training – with his performance following just four months of practice, and with another six months to go, he feels that additional time spent in the gym will only add to his strength.


He didn’t count out KSI, though, and predicted that the white-collar boxer might improve “200-fold” ahead of their rematch.

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While no date has been officially announced, the KSI vs Logan Paul match was contracted as a two-fight event, with the second installment set to occur in February 2019.