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Joe Rogan’s new Texas podcast studio move imminent after teasing details

Published: 1/Apr/2021 13:59

by Georgina Smith


Joe Rogan has teased details for a new and improved podcast studio on episode 1626 of The Joe Rogan Experience with Alex Honnold, revealing a new neon sign for the project via Instagram.

In September 2020, Joe finally made his move from LA to Austin, Texas, and with that move came a change of scenery in the podcast studio, opting for a more futuristic design with bright red lighting and a cylinder-shaped room.

However, the new studio was not popular among fans, with many calling it “tacky.” This led to Rogan toning down the redness for subsequent episodes – though some viewers are still not satisfied.


Joe Rogan's podcast studio in texasThe first Austin podcast studio was revealed in September, but not everyone was a fan of the design.

Recently, he’s been hinting at an upgrade from the temporary space to a new studio, which could see a return to the aspects of the original podcast studio that many fans miss.

In episode 1626 of the podcast with rock climber Alex Honnold, Joe explained that Alex is one of the only people to have seen the new podcast studio so far.

Alex jokingly described the current studio as being “somewhat close to cubicle life,” with Rogan responding, “This is first of all completely voluntary. We’ve created it.”

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Alex went on to say, “No, of course. I mean the actual feeling of like, we are inside this tiny little thing.” The podcaster agreed, saying, “yeah, we are inside a weird thing,” going on to say, “But you’ve seen the new one. You’re one of the rare people that’s seen the new one. Which is a little bit bigger.”


Joe has been keeping fans posted on the progress on the studio behind the scenes, and has also revealed images of a new neon ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ sign made by Austin-based Roadhouse Relics, which he says is part of the “new studio project.”


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With the pieces of the studio coming together, it looks like viewers could be seeing Rogan in front of a new background sooner than expected, which will come as a relief to those who aren’t happy with the current space.