Joe Rogan wants Elon Musk to buy TikTok amid $44 billion Twitter deal

Joe Rogan alongside TikTok logo talking on podcastYouTube: Joe Rogan/ByteDance

Joe Rogan wants Elon Musk to purchase TikTok from ByteDance after criticizing the platform for being “rough” with banning accounts and videos.

While also being the richest man on the planet, Elon Musk has carved out a pretty impressive social media following. The South African billionaire has become well-known on Twitter for his willingness to get involved with memes and online jokes.

He’s even been trying to buy the social media platform for a reported $44 billion, though, there have been reports that he may just pull out of the deal before it can be completed.

Musk’s attempted purchase of Twitter has split plenty of opinions, but Joe Rogan is in support of it. The UFC Commentator even celebrated during his podcast when the reported that a deal had been agreed, but he wants the 50-year-old to buy TikTok as well.

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Joe Rogan, YouTube
Elon Musk first really became a meme after an appearance on the Joe Rogan Podcast.

The jubilant celebrations happened during episode 1809 of the Joe Rogan Experience, as the podcasting giant spoke to fellow podcaster Jessica Kirson.

While Rogan touched on Twitter ‘shadowbanning’ accounts, Kirson noted that she’d had similar punishments from TikTok, with her posts being removed on a regular basis.

“TikTok is rough for that,” Rogan said about videos being deleted and profiles being hit with suspensions. “I think they don’t want anything to interrupt ad revenue and anything. Maybe Elon will buy TikTok next!”

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The former Fear Factor host noted that striking a deal with ByteDance, the owners of TikTok, might be difficult however but he’d like to see Musk buy it.

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While he admitted he doesn’t use the platform, maybe Rogan would hop on board if it went under new ownership – especially someone who he has had on his podcast before.