Joe Rogan stunned by viral Mike Tyson airplane fight video

Mike Tyson/Joe Rogan

Podcaster and UFC commentator Joe Rogan lost it over the viral video of Mike Tyson allegedly punching out a heckler on a plane and compared it to “headbutting a beehive.”

Legendary boxer Mike Tyson went viral on April 21 after an apparent encounter with an overzealous fan on an airplane which led to him hurling punches at the fan over the back of his seat.

The video caught wind across social media, with a handful of influencers rushing to his defense, including fellow boxer Jake Paul.

In Tyson’s defense, Paul said: “If you’re being heckled in public like Mike Tyson was you should legally get a hall pass to beat someone’s a**.”

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Now, friend to Tyson and podcast co-host Joe Rogan has chimed in on the situation.

Joe Rogan talking into microphone during podcastSpotify/Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan has one of the most popular podcasts on all of Spotify.

Joe Rogan stunned at Mike Tyson airplane video

During episode #1,808 of Rogan’s podcast, comedian Dan Soder and Rogan discussed how absurd it was to heckle Mike Tyson without expecting retaliation.

“It’s real simple, that dude was a douchebag. He was annoying one of the baddest motherf**kers that’s ever walked the face of the Earth. It’s so dumb! It’s not even kicking a beehive, it’s like headbutting a beehive.”

The 54-year-old podcast host continued, “If you find yourself where Mike Tyson’s reaching over the back of an airline seat and punching you in the face, I think you probably earned it.”

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Rogan finished his thoughts on people who bother celebrities in public, “People get crazy. They think just because he’s Mike Tyson, he’s famous, he can’t just punch you. You’re annoying him! He’s gonna just f**king hit you like a normal person would.”

If you are planning on bothering a celebrity in public, maybe make sure they aren’t a Heaveyweight champion before doing so.