Joe Rogan reveals his daughter is a huge SSSniperWolf fan


Podcast host and UFC color commentator Joe Rogan revealed that his daughter is, surprisingly, a huge fan of YouTuber SSSniperWolf.

SSSniperWolf is easily one of the most popular content creators on YouTube, boasting an incredible 29.6m subscribers, and has emerged as one of TikTok’s top influencers, as well.

During episode 1716 of the Joe Rogan Experience with Steve Rinella, the discussion turned to how much freedom children have and how times have changed from when they were young.

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“One of my kids, all she likes to watch on YouTube is this girl called SSSniperWolf,” Rogan stated. “It’s very funny, she does like these reaction videos and stuff, but it’s very G-rated.”

According to Rogan, his daughter “loves watching her” – and while that’s fine and good, he keeps a close eye on what his children are up to online.

“How much freedom do you give them?” Joe pondered. “How much do you talk to them about stuff, how much do you let them figure stuff out on their own? You know, it’s tricky and it’s a weird world because it didn’t exist previously.”

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Rogan then explained how he pulled off watching “f**ked up” videos back when he was a kid, and how it required some planning ahead.

sssniperwolf on InstagramInstagram/sssniperwolf
SSSniperWolf is an uber popular YouTuber.

“When we wanted to watch Faces of Death, someone had to get the video. One of our friends had to lock the door, you know. We’re in the basement. One of our friends had to watch the door to make sure the parents didn’t come down. Then we put it on the VCR and we were ready!” he exclaimed.

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“If someone came down you’d pop that f**king tape out and hide it,” he grinned. “These kids today, all they have to do is just have a phone.”

Given how Rogan’s daughter is such a fan of SSSniperWolf, it would be fun to see if the YouTuber ever joins him on his podcast.

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